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A Public Address/Voice Alarm system (PA/VA) is a system that combines both functions. In normal use it is a PA system with paging microphones, background music, recorded messages, and when there is an emergency the system is used for alerting and/or evacuating the building occupants. Typically what happens during a fire alarm is that the control of the system is taken over by the fire alarm system, which iniates a pre-recorded message either that staff are investigating an alarm or that people should leave the building. A special fire microphone allows live messages to over-ride the record messages, directing people away from an incident or calming people and ensuring an orderly evacuation. A VA/PA system differs from an ordinary PA system in the approvals required for the equipment and the fact that the system must be wired in fire-rated cable, with all elements fully monitored, including speaker circuits.

PA/VA provides significant benefits :

  • For public buildings or buildings with a large number of occupants, PA/VA has been shown to achieves much faster evacuations.
  • The ability to give additional information during an incident can be crucial in assisting the evacuation and other responses to an incident.
  • The use of one system for both public address and alarm saves on wiring. The alternative is to have a wired PA system and seperate system of fire alarm sounders.
  • In some industrial sites with a many hazardous or ATEX areas the use of voice-alarm can be very cost effective compared to explosion-proof or intrinsically safe fire-alarm sounders.
  • The LinX system from SigNET is a sophisticated and cost-effective PA/VA system available with a combination of 200W amplifiers with a fire microphone and a digital message store and is built around SigNET's iX LS input mixer with flexible programming options.

    Two versions of the LinX are available, a 400W version and an 800W version, and a monitored fire alarm interface is provided, along with back-up batteries. Loudspeaker line monitoring is built in and lines are monitored for load low, load high, earth fault and tone input failure.

    The Integrity system is a feature-packed, fully integrated 2-64 Zone Emergency Sound, PA and BGM system suitable for use in applications of up to sixteen loudspeaker zones. Combining an emergency sound system with a high specification public address system, Integrity can be connected to trigger systems via monitored links from its sounder circuits. At the heart of Integrity is a 1U 19” rack mount mainframe containing all the logic, routing and prioritising components for the system in a 17-slot card. Slot one contains the central processor card, leaving eight audio input and eight audio output slots. Cards fitted into the eight audio input slots can provide a variety of functions including zoned emergency microphones, emergency microphones, messages, contact inputs, zoned PA inputs and zoned music inputs. The audio output slots can accommodate either contact input cards or two zone audio output cards, allowing up to sixteen audio zones. A single paging console can control up to four Integrity Mainframe units allowing paging to up to 64 zones, ideal for high rise buildings, office blocks, sports stadia, etc. One of Integrity’s main advantages is its revolutionary simulator software that allows the routing and priorities of multiple audio sources to be set up and tested on a PC before assembling the hardware. This is especially useful as it allows the evacuation C&Es to be checked and approved before any equipment is purchased.

    AVAC is a high-quality modular emergency sound system complete with an onboard digital message store and powerful public address and background music capabilities. It is purposely designed to simplify the provision of a fully EN60849 compliant sound system for emergency purposes for schools, shopping centres, offices, hotels and other applications where clear and concise emergency voice communication is required. The fact that multiple master and slave AVACs can be interconnected means AVAC is ideal for EN60849 compliant sound systems of all sizes.

    V-Series is a new range of fully EN54-16 compliant DSP (digital signal processing) voice alarm solutions from SigNET.

    Independently certified to EN54-16 and EN54-4, depending on the equipment purchased, the ‘V SERIES’ allows the routing of 4, 12 or 20 audio inputs to any combination of 4, 12 or 20 outputs. A wide range of expansion modules, amplifiers, power supplies and battery packs are also available.

    • A high-quality digital voice alarm system fully compliant with current European standards

    • BRE/LPCB certified to EN54-16 (Voice alarm control and indicating equipment) and EN54-16 (power supply equipment)

    • VAR4 router provides digital storage for 2 x 66 second and 2 x 50 second DVA?messages, four mic/line inputs and four audio outputs

    • VAR12 router provides digital storage for 4 x 66 second and4 x 50 second DVA?messages,12 mic/line inputs and 12 audio outputs

    • VAR20 router provides digital storage for 6 x 66 second and 6 x 50 second DVA?messages, 20 mic/line inputs and 20 audio outputs

    • Each VAR input can be used with a multi-zone paging microphone, fire microphone, station announcement point or other source

    • All-call or zonable failsafe override Fire Mics can be connected to inputs 1 &?2 as required by BS 5839-8

    • Wide range of expansion modules, amplifiers, power supplies and battery packs also available

    A wide range of general voice alarm ancillaries are available from SigNET including:

    Background music sources (such as rack-mounting CD players, cassette players and tuners)

    5V and 12V four input relays

    100V to line level convertors

    PABX dial up interfaces

    Hotswap modules

    Tone generators & Programmable timer units

    For more details of our Voice Alarm range follow the link to the Signet site:

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