Fire Alarm Maintenance

Emerald Fire Technology offers a complete maintenance service as called for in IS3218:2013

Routine Service

All electrical systems require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they work as intended when they are needed. Systems that sit dormant most of the time waiting for that one occasion when their operation is crucial must be tested on a regular basis as otherwise any deficiency may only be discovered when that life-threatening or property-threatening moment arrives.

Another reason for routine testing and inspection is that changes to a building structure, layout, or use may require changes to the fire alarm system to maintain effective protection.

It is important for the prevention of false alarms that a system be properly serviced and detectors cleaned when they begin to accumulate dust.

A maintenance contract with a proper fire alarm company will ensure that your fire alarm system is properly tested to the level required by the Irish Standards, IS3218, and that competent technical assistance is available when faults arise.

Maintenance Contract

A typical maintenance contract would involve full annual inspection and testing of a system, spread over four quarterly visits. In addition we provide our maintenance customers with 24-hour telephone support.


We provide our maintenance customers with a full call-out service. 24-hour telephone assistance is available and attendance on site is available within 4 hours if required.

Legal Requirements

IS3218:2013 requires that "The Responsible Person shall ensure in accordance with statutory requirements that a FDAS [Fire Detection and Alarm System] is inspected, maintained and serviced by a Competent Person".

IS3218:2013 also points out that "the requirement for servicing is a statutory requirement and independent of any obligations of the installer under defects liability"

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About Us

Emerald Fire Technology Ltd. is an Irish-owned independent company that was formed in 2001. We have been involved in major projects in all areas of commerce and industry, including universities, airports, pharmaceutical plants, cleanrooms, hotels, shopping centres, meat factories, incinerators, night clubs, schools, substations, and high-end private residences.

Emerald Fire Technology has been a member of The Fire Engineering Systems Association since it's foundation.