Addressable Fire Detection

Being authorised 'Engineered Systems Distributors' for Notifier we offer a range of state-of-the-art analogue addressable fire panels, from single loop panels to multi-panel networks for large sites, with pin-point location of fire and fault conditions and state-of-the-art addressable detectors, including the latest advances in detectors for special applications.

Notifier is a world leader in fire detection manufacture. Firmly established in the European market with a manufacturing base in the UK, Notifier has been active in the USA for over fifty years, where it is the largest manufacturer of analogue fire panels. In Ireland Notifier equipment is used in the large campus sites at IBM, Hewlett Packard, EMC, and also at Google, Ebay, UCC and UL, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, and many more.

Notifier offer several advanced detectors, The Smart 4 (shown left) senses the presence of smoke, heat, flame and carbon monoxide, and combines these in a complex algorithm that allows for early detection of fire and elimination of false alarms. Different algorithms can be selected for different environments. There are other options, such as the Smart2 or Smart3 to ensure the right choice is available for any environment.

Notifier field devices include a range of advanced features such as

  • Multi-criteria detectors
  • Point-type high-sensitivity detectors called VIEW, see Early Warning
  • Air-sampling systems
  • Networking using fibre-optics
  • PC-based graphics packages for large sites
  • Outputs to paging systems

    Conventional Fire Detection

    Our range of conventional fire panels for smaller applications, where indication of the zone of origin of the fire is acceptable, rather than the specific location.

    These panels work with a variety of different detectors from different manufacturers.

    For more details follow the link to C-Tec:

    C-tec, manufacturers of Fire Alarm Panels

    Wireless Fire Detection

    Wireless fire alarms are ideal for protecting decorative areas in period buildings, churches, etc where wiring is problematic. Although there is a considerable saving on wiring the wireless devices are costly compared to standard addressable devices given the additional radio transmitting elements. However the best of both worlds can be achieved with a hybrid system.

    Integrating seamlessly into our Notifier addressable systems the Hyfire system from Sterling Safety uses 'Wireless Translators' so that a group of devices on the standard detection loop can be wireless. This allows a cost-effective mixing of wired and wireless areas. Typically a 'back-of-house' area can be wired with standard equipment but the decorative 'front-of-house'area can have wireless devices. We have used wireless detection in churches, period buildings and school portacabins.

    For more details follow the link to Hyfire by Sterling Safety:

    Sterling Safety

    Linear Heat Detection

    Linear Heat Detection is a cost-effective and reliable method of detecting fire or overheating in harsh industrial environments. Typically LHDC is used on conveyors or cable trays in mines and power plants, although there are many other applications, such as floating-roof tanks, escaltors, etc

    There are two types of Linear Heat Detection Cable, Digital and Analogue. There are several different controllers available some with 'Distance Location' displays, (up to a range of 2000m) as well as several different terminations with test functions available.

    For more details follow the link to Patol, one of the leading manufacturers of LHDC:

    Patol, manufacturers of LHDC

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    About Us

    Emerald Fire Technology Ltd. is an Irish-owned independent company that was formed in 2001. We have been involved in major projects in all areas of commerce and industry, including universities, airports, pharmaceutical plants, cleanrooms, hotels, shopping centres, meat factories, incinerators, night clubs, schools, substations, and high-end private residences.

    Emerald Fire Technology has been a member of The Fire Engineering Systems Association since it's foundation.