Early Warning Smoke Detection

Emerald Fire Technology is a fully accredited channel partner of Xtralis with many years experience in Design, Installation and Maintenance of VESDA systems

The workhorse of the Vesda range is the Vesda Laserplus (VLP) which can have up to 200m of sampling pipe with up to 30 sampling holes. The VLP has modular Programmer or Display options or can come with blank covers and non-latching relays for integration into addressable systems. The LaserScanner (VLS) is similar to the VLP but can monitor 4 pipes individually.

The LaserCompact (VLC) is a smaller unit which can have 50m of pipe. For even smaller applications the LaserFocus (VLF) can protect individual pieces of equipment, intakes to recirculating air-handlers or small rooms. There is even a tiny system the LaserQuantum (VLQ) designed for remote equipment cabins

The VLI is the new Industrial detector. Designed specifically to be rugged and dependable in harsh environments it has an IP66 housing, two filters and modular field-replaceable parts. With up to 360m of pipe it can protect up to 2,000sqm. There is a range of connectability options. The Vesda System Configurator software allows you to monitor background levels on a trend graph and set alarm thresholds accordingly.

The IAS (known as the ICAM IAS) is a low-cost simple aspirating device from Xtralis which allows standard addressable sensors to be installed in a fanbox. Ideal for protecting inaccessible spaces like ceilimng voids, ESB rooms, lift shafts or atriums, and when combined with a Notifier VIEW Detector it can give Class A early-warning protection.

The ECO is a revolutionary approach to gas detection. It effectively piggy-backs on a VESDA smoke detecion system and samples the air in the sampling pipe for the target gas. There are a range of gas sensor cartridges available for the ECO, both flammable and toxic. As with all VESDA equipment the thresholds can be set to match the environment.

The new VESDA E range is a quantum leap forward in aspirating detection, having a sensitivity range up to 15 times more sensitive than the Laserplus, and capabable of handling 800m of pipe and 80 sampling points. It has Wifi and Ethernet capablilty as well as the usual VESDA networking options.The layout is the same as the LaserPlus allowing it to be a 'drop-in' replacment.

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FAAST by Notifier

FAAST is next-generation air-sampling from Notifier. Created by System Sensor, the worlds leading smoke detector manufacturer, the FAAST comes in several variants. FAAST LT is a device that sits on the Notifier detection loop and is intended for smaller applications. The FAAST 8100E is the premium model, with advanced features to eliminate false alarms while ensuring very high sensitivity.

With IP connectivity the FAAST can be monitorerd from anywhere in the world or it can send alert emails when issues arise. The PipeIQ software allows both configuration of the system and design of the pipework to be carried out in one software package.

For more details follow the link to FAAST by Notifier, or FAAST's own site:

FAAST from Notifier


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